On the 7th August 2019, an agricultural technology Conference and exhibition will be held at Wagin Showground with experts brought in from around the country and overseas to share their knowledge and provide inspirational forums that address technological advancements in agriculture.  Integrated throughout this time, exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their good and services to attendees.

Following the conference, a networking sundowner will take place in the same location.

The 8th August will see an Ag Tech Showcase at the Katanning Research Facility. Commencing with a ‘how to put technology into the farm’ workshops, moving into field demonstrations and investigating the viability of these technologies on farmers own property.

This will be a must-attend event for anyone interested in learning about and/or developing new technology solutions for agriculture. Many of these solutions are focused on the challenges of sustainability, traceability and increased crop and livestock outputs. We offer the opportunity for farmers to spend this time connecting with the top researchers and developers who are designing these agricultural innovations and to contribute their ideas and opinions on their practical applications.



Conference; Exhibition; Breakfast, Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Refreshments, Supper and Drinks at Sundowner; Bus Transfers between Katanning and Wagin.


Workshops; Demonstrations; Field Tours; Breakfast, Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Refreshments; Bus transfers between Wagin and Katanning.