Only a few years ago, the prospect of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) playing a meaningful role in Australian agriculture with tangible, practical applications seemed idealistic. However, in recent times, increased investment and rapid technological advancements have not only improved affordability of these technologies, but also allowed for the industry to mature and demonstrate real returns on investment to farmers, particularly within the food and fibre arena.

TECHSPO delegates will have the unique opportunity to experience the latest innovations in AgTech AR and VR thanks to Think Digital’s Tim Gentle. Tim will be bringing the realm of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to life for TECHSPO delegates in his keynote presentation, discussing practical ways in which this technology can be utilised to assist with asset management, providing greater industry visibility, facilitating staff training and inductions and more. Tim will also be showcasing a whole new way of selling livestock via a virtual auction environment; a glimpse into the future of livestock sales in an increasingly globalised market.

Tim’s specialty is “Immersive Technologies in Agriculture” and he will be unpacking the practical application of augmented reality and virtual reality on farms, and the role that these technologies can play in the future of agriculture. Don’t miss Tim’s keynote presentation on Day One of TECHSPO at Wagin Showgrounds.