Take Advantage of DPIRD’s Mapping Consultations for On-Farm Decision Making at TECHSPO

Making the best use of new technology on your property often requires making key decisions about the location and layout of installation. There are a number of options for farm mapping that farmers can take advantage of in order to assist this process, but which one is best for you and your circumstances?

In a general sense, farm mapping is a useful tool for management, planning and communication. It can assist with the day-to-day operations of the farm by providing a communication tool for staff and contractors and a useful planning tool for future developments, helping to provide more accurate spatial data and budgets.

Mark from the DPIRD will be on hand on Day Two of TECHSPO to provide detailed, personalised advice about how certain mapping processes can assist you with the seamless integration of new technologies on your land, as well assist with the analysis of digital farm data.

For example, in order to address connectivity technologies such as the installation of a new Wi-Fi tower, you may choose to undertake topographical maps of your property to plan the installation and find the optimum location for the towers’ installation.

Other mapping services available include KML paddock maps which can be loaded into CBH’s Paddock Planner. KML files use express geographic annotation and visualisation by storing locations, image overlays, video links and modeling information like lines, shapes, 3D images and points.

CBH have recently extended their Paddock Planner, requiring growers to upload paddock by paddock boundaries as well as agronomic practices including crop varieties and chemical use. CBH have said the new Paddock Planner is necessary in order to allow them to make decisions regarding sites and segregations come harvest, and it has billed it as a chance for growers to save dollars via a 50 cents a tonne discount if they used the system.

With the expansion of the their Paddock Planner, many WA farmers may now be looking to undertake KML Paddock Mapping on their farms for the first time.

In a purely functional capacity, Shire property mapping can assist the community, such as aiding your local volunteer Fire brigade.

Depending on your individual circumstances and planned future developments, the type of mapping your farm requires will be unique to you. Take advantage of DPIRD’s Mapping expert to get the best advice to assist your on-farm decision making.