The SwarmBot robot, created by future-focused Agtech company SwarmFarm Robotics, will be a must-see at this years’ conference.

The SwarmBot’s initial applications include spraying, spreading and mowing, and TECHSPO delegates will have an exclusive chance to see the SwarmBot in action.

SwarmFarm’s vision is to empower farmers with new farming systems, and has built an “open developer” system, whereby any developer, anywhere in the world can release new Agtech, tools and attachments on board the SwarmBot robot.

SwarmFarm Robotics founder, Andrew Bate, comments “One of SwarmFarm’s strengths is our extensive knowledge of agriculture and our ability to make technology work in the hands of farmers. Over the past three years, we have amassed over 5,800 hours of field work with our robots, and we have sprayed over 9,000 hectares of farmland. We pride ourselves on our deployment of real robots, working for real farmers, out in the field.”

The Swarmbot demonstration will take place on day two of TECHSPO, at the Katanning Research Station. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to see the power of robotics and its they are shaping the future of farming.