Michele Lally is a Paddock to Plate expert in the food industry after driving the conversion of her family farm from an unviable conventional mixed farm of 1500 acres to an award winning, ecologically, socially and financially viable, regenerative farming model which delivers over 70 products  4 grass fed species to 15 locations weekly.

She built South Australia’s first on-farm small scale red meat abattoir and has since started designing and manufacturing custom built units around Australia and off shore. Driven by the idealism of a fair food system while recognising the importance of branding, education and communication, Michele’s commitment to joining food producers and eaters is to ultimately bring back control of the food industry to those who grow it and those who eat it.

Michele believes that micro abattoirs allow for farmers to regain control over their supply chain, whilst reinvigorating regional areas. “Micro Abattoirs offer livestock producers the ability to realise a full nose to tail value of their stock and sets them up to set their own prices rather than taking prices set by others in the industry. It will reinvigorate regional centres with new economic development, employment and further develop the story of stock being consumed in the same region as they are grown. It also offers producers the ability to reduce freight times, increase quality with lower stock stress prior to processing and provide more opportunity to develop value added products providing an increased bottom line in the overall farmgate profit.”

With a career highlighting experience in hands-on operational agriculture as well as building a brand recognisable in a crowded market, Michele offers skill and experience to those in the sector open to alternatives for sales and marketing as well as full ownership of their supply chain and brand recognition.  She has the knowledge and passion to help farmers regain power in the market through farmer-driven price setting, as well as working collaboratively with regulation and corporate business.  Michele is passionate about collaborative rural communities, agri-tourism, and has the energy to inspire farmers to look creatively at their business so they can realise increased financial profit without having to sell the back paddock to do so.

Don’t miss Michele’s breakout session and workshop for beef & sheep farmers at this years’ TECHSPO, outlining the practical ways in which micro abattoirs can increase farmgate profit at a low cost to the farmer.