Who’s better placed to host WA’s premier AgTech conference than farmers themselves?

The advancements in the AgTech sector are outstripping farmers’ ability implement them effectively, and there needs to be more thought around how these can be integrated into existing farming systems.

Farmers are being inundated with new AgTech and management software but the lack of integration between these systems is limiting our ability to put them to good use. Australian producers are constantly in a race to the bottom with regards to cost of production and digital AgTech not only has the ability to reduce costs but the data captured has the potential to provide more substantial and sustainable financial gains going forward.

TECHSPO delegates will have the chance to hear the good, the bad and the ugly from farmer’s themselves who have trialled the technologies on their properties. Check out just some of the farmers’ who’ll be presenting at this year’s conference.

  • Andrew Slade from West Kendenup in Western Australia, talking about digitisation of agriculture and farming in the digital age.
  • Michele Lally from the Clare Valley in South Australia, talking about the opportunity for micro abattoirs in the livestock industry.
  • Chris Balazs from Victoria, talking about the journey of creating Australia’s first on farm processing unit including challenges from consumer, farmer, regulator and tech perspective.
  • Ray Harrington from Darkan in Western Australia, participating in a Q&A panel session on future crops and systems.
  • Belinda Lay from Esperance in Western Australia, winner of the WA Rural Women’s Award, giving an insight into her experiences with technology – the good, the bad and the ugly.