A world-class line-up of speakers will explore ideas shaping the future of farming including agricultural robotics, virtual sales yards, augmented reality, provenance and traceability trends, and how the AgTech investment space is evolving. We’re pleased to give you an exclusive sneak-peek at our confirmed thought leaders who will be delivering our keynotes at TECHSPO 2019:


  • Andrew Bate – SwarmFarm Robotics
    • As co-founder and CEO of SwarmFarm Robotics, Andrew Bate is the chief visionary, leveraging his experience as a successful grain and cattle farmer and his deep knowledge of robotics to drive the successful development of the SwarmBot. Andrew has spent a life time in agriculture; he has trained as an agronomist, and has spent the last 19 years farming near Emerald, Central Queensland. Andrew will be discussing the role of robotics in agriculture and how this drives efficiency for farmers.
  • Tim Gentle – Think Digital
    • Tim’s speciality is “Immersive Technologies in Agriculture”. He has created #FarmVR and #FarmAR – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality farming experiences to help educate people where their food comes from and to inspire them to consider agriculture as a career pathway. Tim will be unpacking the practical application of augmented reality and virtual reality on farms, and the role that these technologies can play in the future of agriculture.
  • Wes Lefroy – Agricultural Analyst, RaboResearch Food and Agribusinesses
    • Wes’ role is cross-sectoral, primarily focussed on ag land and AgTech, in addition to fertiliser and grains & oilseeds. Last year saw the publication of Rabobank’s inaugural ag land report, “No Summit in Sight: Ag land prices to climb higher” which he authored. Other recent publications by Wes include “Do  sensors make cents”, “Blockchain: Changing interaction in the F&A supply chain” and “Australian 2018/19 winter crop production outlook: Running on empty”. He also hosts a monthly podcast, called “Tech Talk”. Wes’s passion for agriculture stems from his childhood roots growing up on mixed cropping farm in rural Western Australia. Previously, he worked within precision agriculture, in a research and commercial capacity. Wes will be providing key analysis on emerging AgTech and examining how certain technologies can provide financial returns and efficiencies for farmers.
  • Professor David Lamb Food Agility CRC
    • David is a physicist who has worked in precision agriculture for more than 25 years and led more than 40 industry-funded R&D projects. David established the University of New England’s Precision Agriculture Research Group, and the internationally renowned SMART Farm project. He recently completed  national reviews of telecommunications challenges and opportunities for Australian agriculture as well as for the livestock feedlot sector. He is a member of the National Positioning Infrastructure Advisory Board and is an advisor on a number of agricultural sector-specific technical innovation groups and communities of interest. David currently serves as the UNE-hosted, Chief Scientist in Food Agility, a $150M+, 10 year Cooperative Research Centre focussed on transforming the agrifood sector using the power of digital. David is also the Australian representative for the International Society for Precision Agriculture. In 2016 he received the McClymont Distinguished Professorship (Research) at UNE in recognition of his ongoing service to agriculture innovation and research leadership. Professor David Lamb will be giving an overview of the Australian AgTech landscape and deep-diving into key AgTech innovations that are at the forefront of the future of farming.

Join Andrew, Tim, Wes & David for a thought-provoking day as they offer their views on how AgTech is shaping the future of farming, driving significant efficiencies and profits for farmers who are at the forefront.