Image result for andrew bate swarmfarmReturning for his second TECHSPO, co-founder and CEO of SwarmFarm Robotics Andrew Bate is the chief visionary of the Swarmbot, leveraging his experience as a successful grain and cattle farmer and his deep knowledge of robotics. Andrew has spent a life time in agriculture; he has trained as an agronomist, and has spent the last 19 years farming near Emerald, Central Queensland. He is also a mentor on the Westpac Business of Tomorrow Program.

Andrew comments, “One of SwarmFarm’s strengths is our extensive knowledge of agriculture and our ability to make technology work in the hands of farmers. Over the past three years, we have amassed over 5,800 hours of field work with our robots, and we have sprayed over 9,000 hectares of farmland. We pride ourselves on our deployment of real robots, working for real farmers, out in the field.”

SwarmFarm Robotics is empowering farmers with new technology so they can deploy new farming methods and field practices to revolutionise food production. Their robots revolutionise farming systems from the ground up with a delivery platform to introduce new farming methods and techniques that are only possible on board a robot. SwarmFarm is not building a driverless tractor – rather, they actually think that robots are what comes after the tractor. Come see the SwarmBot in action at TECHSPO 2019 and see how things have developed two years on.

The Swarmbot