This years’ TECHSPO will be bringing the most innovative machinery for broadacre farmers to WA, with Agrifac set to showcase a demonstration of their revolutionary “smart cameras” that are mounted on the AiCPlus Camera Sprayer to delegates on Day One of the conference. 

Agrifac have developed a camera system that recognises weeds in crops using built-in artificial intelligence software, allowing precision spraying of weeds and nothing else. The different algorithms in AiCPlus are developed with farmers’ input, ensuring that AiCPlus makes informed decisions and continues to evolve to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce chemical usage.

The intelligent AiCPlus cameras are mounted on the boom from where the system processes and analyses the crop. Targeted application rates can be applied immediately on individual plants without the need for time consuming actions. Now available in the market is Green on Brown spot spraying with the Agrifac AiCPlus system which detects and sprays all green weeds in fallow or bare soil. Currently, many other algorithms are now in development with Wild Radish and Rumex in pastures are already confirmed to be available for next season.  

Results of last season show impressive results in both effectiveness and savings, with the removal of 90% of weeds with a maximum diameter ≥ 30mm and 95% of weeds with a maximum diameter ≥ 50mm, and a 92% reduction in chemical-mix usage compared to conventional sprayers. 

AiCPlus user Gerrit Kurstjens from Beefwood Farms in Moree had success utilising the camera sprayer last season, commenting “I am able to achieve the desired spot spraying during summer spraying and achieve about 90% reduction in chemicals and water. With only one fill it is easy to cover 1000 ha in one day of 12 to 13 hours. I expect that in the near future for economic and environmental reasons farmers can’t afford not having the AiC Plus system. Agrifac is now working on the in-crop algorithms, which will take spot spraying to the next level.”