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Yao Tang

About Tao: Tao is the Chairman of the Ecological technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. He has responsibility for leading the national planning and strategy for marketing and growing Giant Amaranth – a hardy dryland fodder and food plant with proven health benefits. Built on the back of 30 years of research, 12 of those in practice, Tao has achieved a number of key milestones. These include partnerships with farmers in multiple Chinese provinces, two million acres+ per year supplied to market and the development of 6 subsidiaries in a range of associated industries.

About the Talk: Tao will be presenting the company vision and share his strategies for success in developing this as the fodder of choice worldwide. The company has built multiple market entry points and acquired food accreditation approvals on almost all continents in the world.  Combining Superfood qualities for both meat and human consumption, fully traceable product with zero antibiotics, zero hormones, zero pesticide residues in livestock and a closed loop industrial chain, this Amaranth strain has the potential to dominate world markets for decades to come especially when it comes to fodder.

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