The Swarms are Coming to Techspo

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The Swarms are Coming to Techspo

Farmer Andrew Bate, the father of autonomous robotics for agriculture in Australia is showcasing his invention in WA this year. Andrew dreamt up his idea of “swarms” of small autonomous, collision-avoiding robots that can spray with accuracy, while driving his heavy tractor through his wheat paddock.

“It’s cutting-edge technology, five years in the making and now ready for the commercial market.” he explains.

“This is industry changing. We aren’t automating stuff, we are creating robotics systems, and it’s a whole new playing field that we are moving onto.”

Now to continue to develop the technology, Adama has started working in partnership with SwarmFarm to help it find ways to utilise the technology to improve farm productivity further. In addition to looking at unique crop protection formulations to be utilised through the Swarmbots, Adama and SwarmFarm will also be focused on using the platform to deliver new, simplified solutions around weeds, labour, sustainability and application timing.

Come and see Andrew talk about this incredible advancement in WA at Techspo 2017 on the 12th Р14th September

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