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Andrew Bates

Founder SwarmFarm Robotics

About Andrew: Andrew has spent a life time in agriculture; he has trained as an agronomist, and has spent the last 19 years farming near Emerald, Central Queensland. Andrew is passionate about ensuring the future generations of farmers have a vibrant, economic, and sustainable future in the cropping industry. Andrew graduated from the University of Queensland with an Assoc. Dip App Science – Agronomy. In 2012, He instigated a joint research program with The Australian Center for Field Robotics and Queensland University of Technology to develop the technology necessary for Robotic Agriculture. In 2015 he founded SwarmFarm Robotics as a Startup technology company to commercialize robots for agriculture. He is a mentor on the 2017 Westpac Business of Tomorrow Program.

About the Talk: SwarmFarm aims to disrupt the dominant paradigm in agricultural machinery, which is based on large, expensive tractor-based machinery. SwarmFarm’s paradigm combines: Collaborating “swarms” of small, simple, inexpensive robots, providing a scalable, robust and cost-effective deployment platform for new agricultural technology and an ecosystem in which communities of farmers and developers collaborate on targeted solutions for crop production.

This paradigm enables deployment of new applications which were never practical connected to a tractor, developed out in the field directly from the requirements of farmers.

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