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Nigel Metz

About Nigel: Nigel Metz graduated from Muresk Institute of Agriculture, a branch of Curtin University of Technology, with a Bachelor of Agribusiness marketing. Nigel has had the opportunity to develop diverse skills in working with the South East Premium Wheat growers association for more than a decade.  These projects have often looked beyond the farm gate and provided insight into grain processing with end users in Asia.

Enticed by the flavour of beer and several projects in malting and brewing science, Nigel Metz and Robyn Cail launched  Lucky Bay Brewing in December 2015.  While a lot of thought went into the production of beer and the facility design, since this time there has been a steep learning curve on the manufacturing and distribution realities of a small business in regional WA.

About the Talk:

Lucky Bay Brewing is part of the West Australian farming community in the heart of the Esperance region, which grows loads of premium barley for malt. They make beers using local grains.

Most barley grown in WA for malt is exported, meaning most craft breweries in WA can’t buy WA malt to brew beer!

Adding hops to the brew kettle

So they ventured into the world of beer science and after years of beer crafting pioneered how to create tasty craft beers using up to 75% raw barley. Meaning they can get barley direct from local farmers to use in their brews. Lucky Bay Brewing is the first and only brewery in Australia to do so and as such is leading Aussie innovation.

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