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Presenter: Dr Rob Syme, Research Associate at the Centre for Crop and Disease Management, Curtin University

About Rob: Rob is a reformed molecular biologist who fell into genomics and supercomputers. The last decade has seen a revolution in biology driven by a quick fall in the cost of genome sequencing. Rob works at the CCDM (Curtin University) to leverage the mountains of new DNA sequencing data to help uncover the molecular mechanisms of fungal disease.

About the talk: Recent advances in chemistry and computation allow us to peer directly at the most fundamental unit of truth in biology – an organism’s entire DNA sequence. Rob Syme from the CCDM works with supercomputers to mine masses of genomic data to uncover the genes most important to how pathogens infect plants. In his talk he will delve into the trends of genomic research that help drive ever more resistant crop varieties.


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