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About Dale Miles: Supply Chain Manager, V&V Walsh.

Dale is the supply chain manager at V&V Walsh, one of Australia’s leading red meat processing and export facilities and is a proudly family owned Western Australian business operating from its state of the art processing facility in Bunbury.Dale is a former market analyst with the Northern Beef Futures team at the former Department of Agriculture and Food (WA) where he was responsible for the diversification and transformation of the WA northern beef industry through improving markets and foster opportunities across the supply chain to develop a sustainable beef industry. Dale continues to develop strategies in partnership with sheep producers, industry groups and the business team from V&V Walsh to build the confidence for growth and diversification across the WA sheep industry adopting a concept of dynamic alignment across the value chain to improve feedback and information up and down the chain between producer, processor and the market.In his role with V&V Walsh Dale is involved in the dynamic alignment across the value chain from supplier, through to processing and end market and whole-of-procurement strategy development and implementation. Dale has a degree in agricultural economics with over 12 years’ experience in business, agriculture, market development and supply chain integration.  

About the Talk: Dynamic Alignment across Supply Chains

V&V Walsh is a supplier to major domestic retail markets and continues to grow its export opportunities with unprecedented market access for both chilled lamb and beef products to the fast-emerging China market. Earlier this year the company launched its Amelia Park branded chilled lamb range into China with a focus to export quality chilled products into high-end retail and food services. 

Continuous year-round supply is important to the V&V Walsh business in order to meet current and prospective market requirements. Business innovation through procurement in partnership with production and management efficiencies at the production level are some of the economic drivers for growth that will promote increased productivity and value within the Sheep Industry in WA.

Dale will discuss the opportunities and challenges this brings to the industry.

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