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Bayer Supports Techspo

Bayer Walking the Walk

Bayer Crop Science have committed to the future focused Techspo 2017 concept of conference, demo and showcase. Being such a new development for Western Australia, Techspo is something  that has challenged the norm. No lifestyle products here – only new technology, business ideas and products. Farmers and researchers want to see, hear and talk about the what and how of agriculture in the future so they can make the best decisions.
“Agtech, biotech and business innovation for agriculture are here to stay and we need as an industry to understand its potential” says Southern Dirt Chair and Woodanilling Farmer, Gradyn Wilcox.  “Techspo is making that happen and not in a sterile city environment, but in the country where agriculture is the lifeblood and farmers can get their hands dirty.”
Bayer CropScience is following a long established practice of supporting innovation and have demonstrated their initiative and willingness to ‘back’ their industry.  Starting with in-ground demos on New Seed and foliar fungicides and how they fit in a cropping system and a showcase in both animal and human health, they are also proudly involved in the Southern Dirt Cropping Challenge competition  ( which is featured at the Techspo site. Bayer are proving that they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. @Bayer4CropsAU #techspo #croppingchallenge

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