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Andrew Guzzomi

About Andrew:  Andrew Guzzomi is an agricultural engineer whose research focuses on devising novel engineering solutions to challenging and relevant global agricultural problems. He uses his interests in engineering, the environment and humanity to develop more efficient systems for our sustainable future and to render lab science practical. For example, he leads the engineering research and development of mechanical targeted tillage device for broad-acre cropping to help overcome reliance on herbicides and leads the engineering research and development of native seed flaming technology that is changing how degraded lands are restored using native seeds. His focus on the research and development of practical agricultural engineering solutions to deal with real industry problems and engineering education to shape future generations has seen him be awarded numerous grants and a number of competitive scholarships/fellowships Рin 2016 he was awarded the WA Innovator of the Year.

About the Talk: There is an ever-increasing need for agricultural-specific engineering to help mitigate the issues threatening our planet and its inhabitants. Heading towards the middle of this century we will see the need to feed 50% more people than we do today, meaning global food production will become increasingly dependent on advances in engineering. There are also significant challenges around efficiently restoring vast areas of degraded land resulting from mining, desertification and agriculture. This presentation will outline the current state-of-the-art agricultural engineering activities occurring at The University of Western Australia to address these challenges.


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