The theme for the 2017 Conference will be Data, Dirt and Droids which encompasses new engineering and mechanical technologies, Internet of things and all things Data as well as new innovations in soil preservation, seed varieties and plant genetics.

Conference topics will include:
1. Big Data – Internet of Things, Sensor Technology, Precision AG, Communications – Apps and Platforms, QR Codes, Protocols – Wireless RFID
2. Genetics, plant breeding
3. Robotics and Automation
4. Livestock Technology – EID, Genetics, genomics, Remote Monitoring, Livestock Management Integration (Sapien Technology)

5. Renewables and Controlled Environments

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To add to the excitement, we will hold a number of networking activities, a Gala Ball and optional tours of the Great Southern Region for interstate and international visitors. This will be a must- attend event for anyone interested in learning and/or developing new tech solutions for Agriculture. Many of these solutions are focused on the challenges of sustainability, traceability and increased crop and livestock outputs. We offer the opportunity for farmers to spend the time connecting with the researchers and developers who are creating these actual innovations and add their voice to what is being produced.

If you would like to be a speaker at this conference or to announce a new technology or innovation please call our team:

Lisa Hannagan       0403 204 660

Tracey Hodgkins   0428 579 947

Rachael Plowman 0427 706 207